Yes yes I know, but we must get them over with…

Hello my darlings,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Your time-keeper, a companion perhaps even, Miss Meg, the Ice Queen and geek of all trades. I hope to take you on a marvelous trip around the world as well as through time. How do I plan on doing this you ask?


Maybe not exactly magic. Though it is something close.

Come close and I will tell you.

Closer still..
Just a bit more.

Perfect. Now just pull up a chair and relax because you can go on his wonderful journey right from that spot.

Imagination is key.

I have been sewing as a hobby for a few years, with a particular interest in historical clothing, “garb” if you will. My adventures will mostly center around my adventures in costuming and how one can quickly travel back in time by just slipping on a gown. Well not just a gown, you’ll need a chemise, a bumroll, some stockings, a few hundred petticoats and of course, a corset. Fear not! That’s what I am here for. Whether you are here because you want to follow my adventures, you love to sew, you love history or you are on the precipice of all, in which case, I hope you dive right in.

Oh I did say I would take you around the world as well… hmmmm…

That should not be a problem either. You see I have a very fun day job I am excited about. I am a flight attendant. Though, I will do my best to take all the pictures and write about all the wonderful things I encounter along my merry way. I love to explore the fashions, fabrics, customs and cultures of other lands. I want to absorb their history and see how all of this has molded and shaped the wondrous world we live in today. To me, all of these things are most fascinating. Its a bit silly but I found myself looking through all of my old books from when I was younger. It was silly but oh-so-fitting that the two I remember as my favorites were my Encyclopedia and my Atlas. I simply cannot believe I can see all of these places for real!

I do hope you will stick with me, through training and all those little costuming setbacks. I will do my best to take the long way around so I can show you the short way. I know I had soooo many questions and have so many more still. I hope I can find the answers and assist my costuming community with them as well. I will post all my future endeavors in costuming successful and not so successful, as well as my adventures in the skies.

TTFN, ta-ta for now


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